Vannak AZ 
June 25, 2022

About AweZome.co!

AweZome.Co is a website co-created by me Sereyboth & and my beloved brother Vannak who love exploring new technology products and services to ease our works. After learning that we have achieved a lot in our lives with the help of technology and of course in a shorter timeframe, we decided that we should create a website to share all the techniques, approaches and tools with others as well. This is how the AweZome.Co was born!

Here we are!

Single Mission! Sharing is Caring!

Inspired by the popular phrase "Sharing is Caring!", we both want to share any new techniques, technology products and services that we believe to help facilitate people's works better and save their time. Therefore, the articles we mostly write and share on this website will be more about our lesson learned, techniques and new technological tools for you.

About Me and My Brother!

Here I am Sereyboth!

I'm an IT guy who loves simplicity with the help of technology. I believe technology and it has proven that it helps me achieve so much in life!







Here I am Vannak! 

I'm a communications person. I study Media and Communication and work in content creation industry for many years. Sereyboth and I are sharing similar passion and thought. So, here we are together in this journey!


Article by: Vannak AZ
Found by a small group of people who are passionate about building a website, especially using WordPress, Awezome.co is a place where we publish about guides, tips and reviews which help you build a better websites using WordPress.
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