Fiverr Reviews – Is Fiverr Worth It For Buyers and Sellers?

fiverr reviews
April 29, 2022

Through our personal experience in using the Fiverr platform, this fiverr reviews will address all of your concerns and hesitations, whether you are new to Fiverr as a seller or buyer. 

If you're looking for a place to outsource your digital marketing needs to freelancers, Fiverr is a great option.

You can consider whether this tool will make your money and time worthwhile. More than this, this fiverr reviews will settle your curiosity about how we earn money as freelancers on Fiverr. 

After this post, I will also incorporate a few tried-and-true strategies that give you the most efficient ways to assist you in generating money on Fiverr as soon as possible.

What is Fiverr?

Founded in 2010, Fiverr is the marketplace where buyers and sellers can provide and receive services under one roof of the platform.  

Fiverr Logo

In its current state, this leading platform has become one of the world's biggest markets for digital services, with a database containing over 3 million gigs. 

Thanks to the rising demands in both the quality and quantity of gigs, you can find a wide range of digital services in the marketplace.

How Does Fiverr Work?

Fiverr operates in the same way that every other marketplace does. 

If you want to sell your service on Fiverr as a seller, you need to determine your selling gigs and list your attempted gigs in your dashboard by fulfilling Fiverr's seller requirement based on terms of Service (ToS).

After posting their services (gigs), sellers receive inquiries from potential customers interested in purchasing these services.

Regarding buyers, if you are interested in any service gig, you can seek their service information and purchase their service once you feel convenient and reliable with that seller.

Fiverr acts as a go-between middleman, ensuring that both parties are satisfied with the final product or service. Fiverr retains a 20 percent commission on every purchase. It will take two weeks before Fiverr pays the seller for the gig.

What is the Definition of Fiverr Gigs? Skill Sets That Apply To Every Industry

On the Fiverr platform, sellers deemed as freelancers will list services they are willing to provide for the buyer, and those listed services are so-called "Fiverr Gigs". The job fee ranges between $5 and $10,000. 

Despite the fact that most gigs are just $5, there is generally an upgrade for additional or higher-quality services. Most accomplishments fall into one of the following categories:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Music & Audio
  • Writing & Translation
  • Graphics & Design
  • Video & Animation
  • Business
  • Programming & Tech
  • Lifestyle 

Fiverr has a huge selection of different services and abilities. WP website design, social media marketing management, video editing, and even carving your name on the tree are all options available from vendors on Fiverr. 

As long as clients are willing to pay for anything legally, it's undoubtedly accessible on Fiverr now.

Fiverr Reviews: Is Fiverr Legit?

Fiverr is a legitimate marketplace for both customers and merchants. A few "hustlers" on the Fiverr platform may attempt to benefit your service or supply customers with a product that is not up to standard with what they promote. 

It is always possible for customers to verify a transaction and give feedback if it fulfills the requirements.

It's safe to say that Fiverr is legit. If you have a problem, you may expect a response within 24 hours from the company's customer service team.

As long as the seller hasn't delivered on time, you can either extend the delivery period or receive a partial (or even whole) refund.

The platform appropriately document all of the activities within the platform.

Fiverr uses an SSL certificate to keep your credit card and financial information safe.

This leading platform also provides a simple approach to locating reputable freelance sellers - you can check their ratings and levels and read the customers.

The company just launched a testing method for salespeople. Users can verify if they completed it by looking at their profile in the feature. It helps identify a competent seller a lot simpler in this way.

In addition, dealers must disclose details regarding their qualifications and experience as part of a verification procedure.

And in addition to the finest rates for freelancing professionals in various sectors, Fiverr has certain offers that start at only a few dollars. However, given the conflicting ratings and the lack of a professional guideline, it is still reasonable if you are sceptical.

We have sorely tested in fiverr reviews since we understand how difficult it could be to acquire experienced freelancers, and how annoying it could be to work with someone who cannot deliver upon their commitments. 

Also, we looked at the features, simplicity of the interface, customer service, and other aspects.

Fiverr is the only firm we have examined in-depth. We also utilized Fiverr to seek the finest logo designer. We used three distinct pricing ranges (from high, medium, and low). 

If you want to order every freelancing work from Fiverr, you should read our thorough assessment before putting your money and time into the work. 

By reading this fiverr reviews, you will understand whether this freelance platform would be the safest option for your tasks.

This article is intended to provide knowledge for buyers; nevertheless, to get started, visit our tutorial on how to establish a successful job on Fiverr. 

Let us introduce the following measures to ensure that your gig receives the greatest clicks!

Fiverr Reviews on Common Problems and Solutions

If a seller fails to fulfill an order on schedule, you should contact them first before contacting customer support. Nevertheless, if they refuse to remedy the problem, you can request a refund.

If whatever excuses the sellers make regarding their poor task quality and satisfaction, as a buyer, you can request revisions. Moreover, they still provide the same end-product; you may request a refund.

However, to prevent future misunderstandings, you might query certain questions and concerns before making any order.

It might be annoying to hear that Fiverr would charge an additional $2 for every purchase, even if it is just a $5 job. In this case, there is nothing to complain about because Fiverr has its own pricing policy. 

However, it serves as an excellent incentive to earn additional money, especially for looking for freelancing work.

Recruit a person from Fiverr to help you out now!

Hunt Your Freelancers on Fiverr

Fiverr has an excellent app that supports Android and iOS versions, allowing users to locate professional services anywhere. The applications have an organized user interface and are simple to use.

You may have a proficient task completed for a minimum of $5 despite the fact that certain services might be costly. Hiring a new salesperson is a strategy to attain lower prices.

However, if you order a task from seller level 1 or new sellers, it is typical that you might encounter an unsatisfied commitment or outcome with a lower price like that.

Likewise, if you're interested in working with a freelancer, you may contact them first. By doing so, you may assess the competency and ensure that both of you are on the right track.

Let's find out more on how to wisely select the high-quality freelancer via our fiverr reviews.

User Friendliness

Fiverr also has a really easy website to utilize because of its tidy user interface. The platform is very user-friendly and has a number of useful features to assist you in filtering through the vastly talented and potential taskers. 

Here are a few of the most important aspects that made employment on Fiverr so simple.

It is quite simple to kick off with Fiverr as a seller.

The filter on Fiverr is more customizable than those on competing platforms such as or Upwork, and they are tailored to the sort of job you need.

In the case of finding a task writer, you can select a filter that contains a category for the style, tone, and subject matter you need. 

Moreover, if you find a logo designer, you may select an appropriate data format and layout. They are the only two of many options.

You might use Fiverr's criteria to narrow down my search for a graphic designer. When searching for only sellers who were already online, working in 3D, and could give a JPEG, you could reduce a list of taskers from thousands to only less than a hundred.

People say that, but you need to experience it yourself to prove what we are saying. See what happens when you try to get the best deal on Fiverr for custom logos. Which one was your favorite? Keep an eye on things to find out what happens.

Search for open gigs or submit customized assignments to get in touch with eligible freelancers on Fiverr. After clicking Post a Request, you'll be able to post a job for freelancers to bid on. Then, all you have to do is pick the seller that offers the greatest deal.

This is a great option if you're looking for really specialized work and aren't able to locate one. It's free to post a job, and you just pay after you hired your freelancers.

The simple profile approach allows you to swiftly remove underperformers. It's easy to find relevant information on a Fiverr profile, such as customer reviews, prior working samples, and the average response time. 

If you appreciate a certain freelancer's work, you may see what additional assignments are available on their website.

Fiverr’s Seller Profile

A profile with a sloppy writing style is a huge red flag. Keep an eye out for misspellings or a lack of information, and you'll be able to weed out a lot of garbage. 

On top of that, having a conversation with your prospective freelancer is also a smart idea. A large number of unfavorable customer evaluations are simply the consequence of poor communication and a misinterpretation of what the buyers expected.

How To Sign Up on Fiverr

For buyers, Fiverr's sign-up procedure is quite easy and clear. However, when you are in seller perspective,  you'll need to spend some time establishing your profile and posting jobs that clients are willing to pay for your services.

To begin your Fiverr experience as a buyer, just follow this link. Signing up is simple and you can sign it up using your Google profile, email account, or Facebook network.

Remember to choose a username that you can never alter. You'll have full access to Fiverr's features once you have activated your account.

On the other hand, Fiverr sellers must go through a somewhat different process. After this post, I'll go over everything in more detail in the following paragraphs and then present you with some excellent lessons.

Sign Up Now

Take the time to look into potential performances. Get in touch with 5–15 sellers that fit your criteria.

Make a list of your favorite sellers. You should divide your targeted sellers into different categories. So, you will always be able to get hold of high-quality services.

By reading the fiverr reviews, you can figure out how good gigs are. Besides a five-star review, you should also scroll down to look for unfavorable reviews to learn from the mistakes and bad experiences to mitigate those things that happen in the future.

Reviews From Customers

Inquire about recent job delivery samples from each supplier you're considering. Make sure you know precisely what you're paying for.

Make sure the job is up to standard. Do not depend just on a description of the gig or the seller's previous success. 

If a buyer is dissatisfied with the product, the seller is ultimately accountable for it if this is complain is reasonable. As a buyer, you have to ensure that what he has done will assist your company or project. 

In most situations, you need to have trustable and reliable sellers to establish long-term cooperation.

To ensure that you get what you want, ask for it before purchasing. Hence, everyone will know what has to be done this way.

Fiverr is an excellent location to save costs if you're on a tight budget. For $5 on Fiverr, you're getting exactly the same service as elsewhere for $20-$25 (and often even more). 

While searching for a trustworthy seller on Fiverr might be time-consuming, it may be worth the additional cash to cover better quality of your service instead.

I recommend that you use Fiverr to identify a few freelancers who can provide various services to assist you in expanding your company. It will take some time, but it will be well worth it.

One of the advantages of working with the same individuals repeatedly is that it's easier for both parties to produce their best work since they already know one another.

How Do You Get Started As A Fiverr Seller?

Begin by clicking on the "Become A Seller" option on this website. This will take you through the process step-by-step.

There are five simple steps you must follow:

1. Create a seller's profile on the site.

2. Compose the gig you want to perform.

3. Include an introductory video (not mandatory).

4. Generate your offered package (The best way to reach your conversion)

5. Provide additional services in your gig ( Increase the level of customization for clients' needs and revenues) 

Scope & Pricing

Even though they required the first two steps, the remaining three will assist you in creating more visitors and boosting your earnings.

What Are The Best Strategies For Making Money On Fiverr?

On Fiverr, you may earn money in a variety of ways. This section will go over some broad principles that may be used in any industry. 

Don't try to build demand for yourself if you don't have anything distinctive to offer your customers. For example, it's common to find jobs like "voiceovers" or "writers" that have orders in the queue.

People are intrigued by services like Fiverr since they're thinking about generating money online with them.

You should watch out for the services in great demand but not widely available. If you're good at what you're doing, you can establish a gig matching the users' demand and charge a modest amount to perform your work.

Set a goal for the volume of money you wish to earn and how long it would take you to accomplish it, then give a proper quotation based on your skill and quality of work delivery.  

To earn $100, you would not want to write 24 pieces of articles and sell them for $5 each. Bare in mind that you will have to take extra time responding to customers' inquiries and re-creating their purchases.

A successful and standout gig requires good optimization on your gig. Most folks will use the search box to find a job. In other words, you wish your job to appear at the top of the search engines for those looking for the services you provide. 

Consider the titles, descriptions, tags, and keywords of comparable jobs popping up at the top of search results. 

Do not duplicate it exactly, but create something comparable for your listed service. Use the "Available Now" function to indicate you are ready to accept the orders.

Sometimes, you need to be wise in your work. You can be a great controller without actually performing the operation by yourself. Perhaps, you can find other supplies via other marketplaces somewhat similar to Fiverr, that is, price as low as possible, and then you review them with better caution.

You can see right away whether a freelancer can do the job on Fiverr. It's as simple as checking the seller's level next to their profile. 

This may save you a lot of time by allowing you to swiftly filter out those who haven't demonstrated their potential. Fiverr evaluate the level of sellers depend on the speed of delivery, the amount of customer satisfaction, and the quality of the service provided.

Hire A Freelancer For Your Job From Fiverr Today

Identifying Different Levels of the Seller

When I conducted my fiverr reviews, I deeply research more on different seller ladders that the platform promote sellers if they perform really well.

New Seller: When you register on Fiverr as a seller, you will be entitled as a "New Seller", which signals that the seller is inexperienced.

Level One Seller: If a seller has achieved 10 orders with good customer reviews within 60 days and an overall earning of at least $400 or more, they will be promoted to level one.

Level Two Seller: To become a Level 2 seller, you must be active on the platform for 120 days and fulfill 50 orders with an overall earning of $2000 or more.

Top-Rated Seller: The Top-Rated status as a seller is a strong indicator of their trustworthiness and ability to deliver on their promises to buyers. More than 100 orders and at least $20,000 have been completed by these freelancers in the last 180 days, and they get excellent customer satisfaction.

What About Price To Buyers And Sellers?

It is entirely free to create an account and publish requests for freelancers. There are no Fiverr costs unless you purchase a service. The rate is quite affordable and is dependent on a proportion of the total project cost. You'll seldom ever have to spend over a few dollars.

You don't have to do any mathematical calculation to see how much a gig costs since the platform can convert the payment into your local currency. 

In addition, Fiverr offers a variety of payment options. The platform accepts all major payment cards such as credit cards, Apple Pal and PayPal.

All payments are paid in advance and stored in an escrow account. When buyers give their final approval, Fiverr will transfer the payments to the seller. 

Also, buyers can give your freelancer a second opportunity or cancel the order if the delivery works do not match your expectations. In the event of a dispute, you may always contact Customer Service for assistance.

If sellers have already produced the works for buyers, they have three business days (or 14 business days if sellers need to ship their orders) to approve or refuse the work. Unless you answer within three days, your funds will be released.

Good Customers Support Team And Excellent Help Center 

There are just two ways to get in touch with customer service at Fiverr:

  • Filing a ticket to the Buyer Help Center 
  • Support's email address

I asked a couple different queries on each of the accessible channels. Responses came in a flash, but they're not often of much use. Some customer supports answered my queries, while others just neglected me which I should place this in my fiverr reviews.

What To Do When No Answer From Fiverr Support?

When I tested Fiverr support, only small percentage of those I approached the support staff have addressed to my my queries. For those whom the customer service of Fiverr let down, there are some other alternatives you can look for.

There's a Help Center with tutorial articles, step-by-step instructions, guidance, and training videos to help you get started. These resources provide in-depth responses to the most frequently asked questions. Additionally, there's a community forum where you may post your question, check whether anybody else has previously encountered the same issue, and get your questions answered.

A decent starting point is to look at these options in "Help Center". It will save you time, and in case you still cannot find a solution, you can always reach out to Customer Support for assistance.

Bottom Lines

When it comes to finding expert freelancers on a budget, Fiverr is a superb option. Although there is a wide range of Fiverr reviews, most of these criticisms are directed at the platform's sellers. For the most part, buyers are unaffected by this situation.

Although some sellers are untrustworthy and untrained, Fiverr provides you with several tools to detect them, such as feedback from previous customers and seller ratings.

After you read my overall fiverr reviews, I believe there is no better place to locate a freelancer than Fiverr. Yes, you should absolutely use it when you require a helping hand! Hiring on this well-known site has been a pleasant experience in my own career.

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